January 7, 2022

About us

We are honoured to introduce to you a recently established non-governmental (non-profit) organization – Institute for Democracy and Justice. Functioning only since December 2021 the organization is new and still in the process of formation; however, we have ambitious plans and intend to become very active, contributing to the development of the country, state institutions, democratization and sustainable development.

The team of the Institute for Democracy and Justice is staffed by young and skilled persons with experience in both – public and private sectors, various public institutions, private companies, local and international non-governmental organizations. Our main goal is to support the process of democratization and sustainable development in Georgia, including support for human rights, state institutions, the justice system, local self-government and vulnerable groups.

The goals of the organization are:
• Promoting and strengthening democratic values and state institutions, including sustainable development of central and local self-government bodies, legislative and other state bodies, good governance;
• Ensuring open government, including the openness of state bodies and accountability to the public;
• Promoting the rule of law, fair justice, fair and objective investigation, prosecution and the development of the judiciary system;
• Supporting the development of criminological research and evidence-based criminal policy;
• Establishing a modern system of crime prevention, imprisonment, non-custodial sentences and probation systems, monitoring and support of the existing systems;
• Protecting the rights of defendants, convicts, victims and witnesses inside and outside the justice system, facilitating and ensuring their rehabilitation and re-socialization process;
• Promotion, development and support of restorative justice approaches and programs;
• Protection of human rights and freedoms, prevention of violation of rights, monitoring of the state of protection of rights guaranteed by international law;
• Advocating, supporting, promoting development, supporting the protection and well-being of children, youth, women, national, linguistic, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups;
• Raising public awareness, promoting citizen participation in democratic processes, and strengthening civic engagement.